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If you would like to contact a Liquidator, Trustee or Lawyer either for general advice or in regards to particular matter, please find their details on our profile platform and contact them directly. Search for a professional here:

If you are unsure of the status of any business, you can search the ASIC notices here.

If you would like help or advice from ASIC concerning a company or director and any insolvency issue, please click here.

If you have a personal debt query concerning bankruptcy, please visit the AFSA website here.

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Welcome to Insolvency Australia, the first and only online insolvency platform featuring the country’s ASIC Registered Liquidators and AFSA Registered Bankruptcy Trustees, and Insolvency Lawyers. Please note, Insolvency Australia is a marketplace platform and does not take appointments and as such is not authorised to offer any insolvency advice. This should be sought directly from a registered professional. To contact Insolvency Australia:

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