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Insolvency-specific growth strategy, business development and training

One of the biggest challenges facing the sector, beyond the technical demands of the job, is how to create growth with a winning business development and marketing culture with a team of highly skilled and effective rain makers.
Insolvency Australia is committed to helping insolvency professionals run successful, sustainable and profitable businesses.
There are of course numerous places to go to for technical insolvency, legal and accounting training. But where do you go to upskill you team with their insolvency-specific business development, marketing and sales skills?
At Insolvency Australia our goal is to equip you, your colleagues and the next generation of work winners, with the essential knowledge and skills needed to win work.
We have 3 levels of BD and marketing training and strategy support available:

For Individuals

Online remote e-learning for individual insolvency professionals seeking to upskill with their BD, marketing and sales abilities

For Teams

Dedicated BD workshops for you and your colleagues at your firm

For Businesses

Detailed strategy and planning for your practice to drive growth

Key Points

The field of insolvency is constantly evolving, demanding a nuanced understanding of how the flow of work can be influenced by an effective business development plan 

Our training programs are meticulously crafted to address the complexities of BD and marketing in the sector
Our e-learning modules provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace, ensuring that professionals of all backgrounds and experiences can benefit from our courses.
Engage in collaborative environments during our dedicated workshops, allowing for the practical application of theoretical knowledge in a real-world context.
Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the BD, our courses and workshops cater to diverse skill levels and experiences.
Join us on a journey of continuous improvement and professional development, where we aim to redefine the future of insolvency BD
show your investment in your people by supporting their desire to win work and keep the best work winners

To find out about how our courses and workshops could work for your firm, please contact us now:

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