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Business Strategy and Growth for Insolvency Businesses

Introducing Business Strategy as a Catalyst for Growth in Insolvency and Restructuring Services:

While Insolvency Practitioners excel at evaluating and revamping others’ businesses, the adage of the cobbler’s shoes often rings true — the challenge of reviewing and enhancing their own business can be formidable. 

This inherent difficulty can inadvertently stifle the growth potential of insolvency and restructuring firms. Over the years, we’ve observed common roadblocks hindering these businesses: 

  • Shareholder/Partner misalignment and communication.  
  • Partner ambition, effort, and career stage differences 
  • Varied appetite for investment and risk among Partners 
  • Succession and exit planning 
  • Structural issues, such as goodwill v working capital model, or deciding between partnership and incorporation 
  • Growth ambition, planning, and business development 
  • Approach to Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and lateral hires 

Recognizing the need for a transformative solution, Insolvency Australia has joined forces with Active Directions, a trusted advisory partner. Together, we aim to empower insolvency firms to unlock their business potential, fostering strategies to maximize growth and value for shareholders and partners alike. 

Through leveraging the Active Directions Business Strategy Framework alongside your existing business plans, we commit to collaborating with you. Our objective is to comprehensively review, clarify, or even co-author your business strategy, ensuring alignment with your investment goals and with each partner or shareholder. Simultaneously, we’ll ascertain how your marketing and brand strategy can best bolster your growth plans. 

The consultants at your disposal are not only seasoned experts but also discreet, mature, and, crucially, independent. This independence allows us to guide you and your colleagues, with whom you may not always be on the same page in a calm exploration of how you and your business can ascend to the next level, aligning with your aspirations and ambitions. 

To discover more about how our collaboration can propel your business forward, we invite you to contact us today. Let’s chart the course for your insolvency and restructuring firm’s success together. 

To find out about how our courses and workshops could work for your firm, please contact us now:

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Online remote e-learning for individual insolvency professionals seeking to upskill with their BD, marketing and sales abilities

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Dedicated BD workshops for you and your colleagues at your firm

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Detailed strategy and planning for your practice to drive growth

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