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I am a Chartered Accountant and Registered Liquidator with more than 35 years' experience in corporate solvency, restructuring and corporate investigations. Prior to working for a multinational insolvency firm in Australia and overseas, I was Senior Investigator at ASIC (formerly WA Corporate Affairs Department).

Ask me for the solutions when your company faces financial distress. I consult with your trusted advisors (accountant and/or lawyer) as a temporary expert. Getting my advice early may help avoid liquidation because you benefit from my experience with almost 1000 companies (large and small) of finding the right solutions to their financial stress. When all your issues are sorted, I move away and you move forward guided by your long-term trusted advisors.

Auxilium is a Latin noun meaning aid, help, assistance, support. This is my vision. Founding the firm in 2015, my aim was to provide top-end-of-town expertise to small and large companies without the burden of corporate bureaucracy. Together with our team, I apply big-business experience to administer and rejuvenate distressed companies of all sizes. I know liquidation is not the preferred option for business owners who have spent their lives building a company. Retructuring companies is my specialty. During and post COVID we have utilized the changes in Corporations Law such as Small Business restructuring (SBR) to benefit our clients.

We use a 4-step process to solve financial distress. First, we meet for a free consultation where you take us through the issues your business is experiencing. Next, after reviewing your options, I will advise all solutions available. Thirdly, we agree on which solution works best for you and together develop a pathway. To conclude, we take action on your behalf according to the Australian Corporations Law administered by ASIC. This means we conduct the hard negotiations with banks, ATO, creditors, debtors and landlords to execute all the actions we jointly decided on. Auxilium Partners are cost effective, personalised and pragmatic. Lets talk soon.

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One For Women Pty Ltd ACN 628 652 899 VOLUNTARY ADMINISTRATOR (VA)
SIP's Industries Pty Ltd ACN 135 626 256 (Construction) (VA)
Port Hedland Yacht Club Inc (VA)
Manjimup Wine Enterprises Pty Ltd ACN 134 847 377 RECEIVER
Pluton Resources Limited ACN  114 561 732 (Mining) RECEIVER
Precision Mining and Drilling Holdings Pty Ltd ACN 161 952 361 (VA)
Gebro Contracting Pty Ltd ACN 613 613 059 DEED ADMINISTRATOR
JJR Transport Pty Ltd ACN 603 769 875 COURT LIQ

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Level 2, 949 Wellington St, West Perth WA, 6005

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