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For Insolvency Lawyers With Services to Offer

An Enhanced or Elite Insolvency Marketing Subscription is a powerful tool that works for you 24/7

As a lawyer with expertise in restructuring, debt, insolvency and bankruptcy, Insolvency Australia offers you the opportunity to present your credentials to other professionals, trusted advisors, referral partners and potential clients.

With an Enhanced or Elite Insolvency Marketing Subscription, you unlock:


Ownership and operation of Insolvency Australia is truly independent and offers all site users conflict-free, independent information to make their own informed choices.


Insolvency Australia only lists insolvency Practitioners who are registered with ASIC and AFSA and qualified lawyers.


The search, compare and connect facilities on the site are available for all, without charge for site users.


Insolvency Australia is the only website to offer a comprehensive search, compare and connect facility for users to review all ASIC Registered Liquidators and AFSA Registered Bankruptcy Trustees and a selection of specialist lawyers.

User Focused

Choosing a specialist to assist during financial distress can be confusing and complex. Insolvency Australia provides company owners/directors, individuals and advisers a user-friendly experience to make the selection process more transparent, democratic and straightforward.


Insolvency Australia recognises that personal stress associated with potential insolvency is real. We also provide contacts for specialist mental health support to anyone affected.

Insolvency Australia is the first and only website to offer:

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