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For Business Advisers With Clients in Distress

Do your clients need early intervention to help grow or restructure their business? Or are they experiencing financial stress? Insolvency Australia can help assist you to assist them

With Insolvency Australia, you can help your client chart the best course

As their trusted adviser, your clients turn to you for specialist advice – to help them grow or pivot, to steer them clear of problems and resolve unavoidable ones. The coronavirus crisis has highlighted that you are also their go-to when they need help finding and selecting the right early intervention expert and navigating the insolvency ‘maze’, both corporate and personal.

So whether you are an accountant, lawyer, financial adviser or other business consultant, by working with a dedicated insolvency practitioner you can help achieve the best result for your client, yourself, their creditors and, in the case of a corporate insolvency, their employees. Finding the right – or best fit – insolvency specialist to work with you and your client is crucial to achieving this.

Insolvency Australia helps you find the right specialists for your clients

The Insolvency Australia platform puts hundreds of Australia’s Registered Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees at your fingertips, providing a convenient and easy way to identify a practitioner who can help determine viable options for achieving the best outcomes. And having more than one insolvency specialist to select from can be beneficial in cases of conflict or where specialist skills and experience are vital.

With Insolvency Australia, you can search, compare and connect with the right insolvency professionals, free of charge, from anywhere, at any time.


Ownership and operation of Insolvency Australia is truly independent of all registered Liquidators, Trustees and companies listed on the site. Insolvency Australia offers all site users truly independent information to make their own informed choices.

User Focused

Choosing a specialist to assist during financial distress can be confusing and complex. Insolvency Australia provides company owners/directors, individuals and advisers a user-friendly experience to make the selection process more transparent, democratic and straightforward.


Insolvency Australia recognises that personal stress associated with potential insolvency is real. We support Beyond Blue, which can provide specialist mental health support to anyone affected.


Insolvency Australia only lists specialists who are registered with ASIC and AFSA, plus insolvency lawyers. We do not publish the information for anyone not on these registers other than the specialist insolvency lawyers on our website.


Insolvency Australia is the only website to offer a comprehensive search, compare and connect facility for users to review all ASIC Registered Liquidators and AFSA Registered Bankruptcy Trustees, plus a selection of Australia’s best insolvency lawyers.


The search, compare and connect facilities on the site are available for all, without charge for site users.
Insolvency Registered Liquidator

Help your clients seek early advice to get ahead

Seeking advice from a Registered Bankruptcy Trustee or Insolvency Practitioner early can result in having more options, which can lead to a better outcome.

The benefits of Insolvency Australia

Insolvency Australia makes it easy and convenient to find, compare and contact Insolvency Practitioners, Bankruptcy Trustees, and insolvency lawyers anytime, anywhere.

You can search for a practitioner by specialisation, services, industry sectors, suburb or region and contact details are provided for all listed insolvency practitioners. Featured practitioners appear first on any search list and many provide additional information on their services and links to their websites. Connecting with them is easy too, with options including email, a request for a call back or a Zoom call.

With Insolvency Australia, it is free to

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