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Ross Thomson has over 30 years of experience in bankruptcy, insolvency, and liquidation. In 1987, Ross commenced his career in the Office of the Registrar in Bankruptcy, an entity housed within the Attorney General's Department. Here, he meticulously handled applications from individuals seeking bankruptcy and conducted thorough audits of returns submitted by Registered Trustees to ensure the accurate payment of taxes.

In 1989, Ross transitioned to the Official Receivers Office, now known as AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority). Within AFSA, he became a vital Bankruptcy Regulation Section (BRU) member. During this tenure, he performed compliance audits on all Western Australian Trustees, including both Registered and Official Trustees. His experience with AFSA and BRU spanned over a decade.

Venturing into private practice in 1999, Ross continued to hone his expertise in the bankruptcy and insolvency fields by collaborating with various firms for an additional ten years. In 2009, Ross achieved his Liquidator's license, followed by his Bankruptcy Trustee license in July 2010. Subsequently, he worked as a sole practitioner and a contractor before becoming part of the Bankruptcy Advisory Centre.

Ross's pivotal role in the Bankruptcy Advisory Centre since 2020, alongside Andrew Bell, has witnessed the firm's remarkable growth, establishing it as a prominent figure in the personal and business insolvency sector.

As a registered bankruptcy trustee and liquidator, Ross is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that best suit individual circumstances.

Ross Thomson is well-equipped to tackle diverse challenges in the field of bankruptcy, insolvency and  liquidation and can be contacted at


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Liquidator & Trustee

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278 Barker Rd, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

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278 Barker Rd, Subiaco WA 6008, Australia

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  • 18/02/2009

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  • 24/06/2010

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Curtin University


Curtin University - Bachelor of Business (Accounting)

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Experience as an Insolvency Specialist
Ross's insolvency journey began in 1988 when he joined the Registrar in Bankruptcy, a Federal Court of Australia division operating under the Attorney General's Department. Within this role, he supervised staff assisting individuals filing for bankruptcy, offering guidance, and processing forms. Additionally, he played a crucial role in registering new Bankruptcy Trustees and auditing their annual returns.

In 1989, Ross's career advanced as he joined the Complex Administrations Section of the Official Receiver's Office, later known as AFSA, handling intricate and high-profile bankruptcies under the Official Trustee's jurisdiction. Subsequently, he transitioned to the Bankruptcy Regulation Unit, where he scrutinized the activities of all Western Australian Bankruptcy Trustees, including AFSA.

Experience as a Liquidation Specialist
Ross's expertise extends into the field of liquidation. In 2009, he became a registered liquidator, and he registered as a bankruptcy trustee in 2010. Notably, he oversaw the complex liquidation of a company indebted to $30 million due to "bottom of the harbour activity," a challenging endeavour involving unwinding intricate transactions to trace the money's destination.

Over his career, Ross has administered over 150 liquidations, often achieving exceptional outcomes in Voluntary Administrations and Deeds of Company Arrangements, returning full value to creditors. He's successfully recovered substantial sums from directors and other parties through the Corporations Act's voidable transaction regime, leveraging a pragmatic approach and, when necessary, legal expertise.

Ross's extensive experience spans construction, retail, liquor, hospitality, transport, medical, and finance-based liquidations. He is keen to expand his horizons and engage with other sectors, capitalizing on his reputation for clarity and ethics and consistently delivering favourable results that continue to earn him referrals from a loyal network of industry professionals.



Commercial Drainage and Plumbing Pty Ltd  ★★★★★

The team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre has been excellent. In a difficult situation, they were able to explain the process to me, so I understood it fully and there were no unexpected hurdles.

Our family company failed, and I was stranded with nowhere to go. Ross and his team at the Liquidation Advisory Centre came to my rescue and guided me through the company's liquidation. Ross ensured the process was as smooth as possible.


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