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Free Webinar #2″ Maximise your Digital Footprint – 25 Nov 2021

Last month we ran the Insolvency Australia webinar #1, focusing on Business Development for Insolvency Professionals. The attendance and feedback showed the subject hit a nerve.

You told us that:

  • winning work is the biggest single challenge facing you and the sector today
  • Insolvency Australia has a role to play in promoting and marketing the sector
  • you wanted to learn more about digital and social marketing

So, on Thursday 25 November, Insolvency Australia will run webinar #2:

“Maximise Your Digital Footprint.”

The sector has always relied upon traditional marketing techniques – a few coffees, lunches and maybe some old fashioned drinks receptions, sporting hospitality and social events.

Covid restrictions, lockdowns, social distancing and the move to online and digital platforms has changed this landscape. With limited or no face-to-face marketing, remote, distant and digital marketing has come to the fore.

For prospective clients and referrers, this has also opened up the market – they now choose their IP not just based on who last bought them lunch, but based on the profile and experience of the professional. And they can now find you, while you or they may be at home, on the move, on a walk, in the office, whilst mobile, away from the desk; wherever, digital marketing is vital.

To assist, Insolvency Australia is pleased to be running a FREE, but invaluable insolvency-focussed digital footprint webinar.

  • Date: Thursday 25 November 2021
  • Time: 12 noon (NSW and Vic), 11am (Qld) 9 am (WA)
  • Platform: Zoom Webinar
  • Speaker: Alistair Marshall, Professional Services business development specialist
  • Register: click here to register

The session will focus on how to counteract the effects of the pandemic and demonstrate what it takes to stand out in an increasingly competitive digital marketplace, especially as it starts to get busy – Vital for personnel who are keen to up their digital profile to win new matters.

Key points covered include:

  • How to turn your website visitors into paying clients or referrers
  • Top
  • website mistakes of professional services firms
  • Using video/webinars/podcasts and the tools you need to get started
  • How to use Google – Your business page & reviews 
  • Social Media focus – including how you can use LinkedIn to build visibility and credibility

Key Takeaways – After attending this session, participants will be able to review and improve their own digital footprint, and especially Linked In, to attract new clients and win more new matters in a post-pandemic environment.

Who is it for? – The session is wholly relevant for Insolvency professionals: Business Owners, Managing Partners, Marketing teams, Liquidators and Trustees and all others interested in business development and digital marketing.

Session Requirements – An open mind to understand that these digital skills whilst not addressed in accountancy school, play an integral part in increasing your brand and profile and will help you run a successful and growing practice.

So, register online, set the date in your calendar, grab a coffee and see if the session can help you increase your digital footprint.


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