Insolvency Australia

Signs of Insolvency

Would you recognise the warning signs of insolvency?

Here are some of the key ‘red flags’.

  1. Unable to pay wages or bills
  2. Cant pay tax debt
  3. Poor cash flow
  4. No working capital
  5. Receipt of a DPN
  6. Ongoing losses
  7. No business plan
  8. Problems obtaining finance or credit
  9. Liabilities greater than assets
  10. Supplier cash on delivery only terms
  11. Inability to raise funds
  12. Loss of key personnel
  13. Director disputes or resignations

If you are at risk of insolvency, it’s vital to reach out to a professional asap to investigate possible solutions.

Insolvency Australia has all of Australia’s Registered Liquidators and Bankruptcy Trustees on one platform, enabling you to search for, compare and connect with the one that suits your needs.

Please do reach out now for the expert advice that could make a difference.

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